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   Air Banners are made up of a series of light weight letters, numbers and symbols which are assembled together so you can spell and display your own message in the sky,Air Banners have been used to promote a wide variety of commercial businesses, public and private events and International sporting fixtures.The wind is a great source of eco friendly energy, which allows a kite to lift the banner high into the air which can be seen from over a mile away.Air Banners can also be attached between buildings,in gardens (on poles) or on your house to display your special message.

   Air-banner costs £4.00 a letter/symbol so an example would be  
HAPPY 18TH BILL  = £52
Your message will be flown for one hour flight time from the time you arrange.

Payment must be fully paid two weeks (or earlier) before the date arranged and a FULL REFUND will be given if the weather does not allow the flight to take place on the day arranged.(payment by cheque/cash

  Bring yourself and  friends down to the venue for a photo under your special message to save for that unique photo that no one else has.

Amaze you friends and families with this new eco friendly message system and have your say in the sky…..birthdays….will you marry me's….anniversary….websites
…business….mothers days…it's a girl/boy … anything you want.

25% discount for all Morrisons staff


 Messages the kite den has flown