Hire.. or have a custom made light up hero suit of your own.

 Meet Pulzar 17 he is a foam built robot with full neon light set he has laser fingers and a Pulse gun,volt metres,backpack,voice box,scrolling mesages and more...you can hire him by the HOUR for a party or event,he will certainly brighten it up ...

















 Now theres a new hero in town meet MISTER BALUE.


Steampunk/cowboy half mutaint with a arsonal of weapons to hunt out his prey with.

Shot gun,whip,fireball,stun gun,virus breather,blades and lots more.

''See the looks he gets when he walks into your party or event.''

 ''Who is that stranger walking around your party,nobody knows but will be talking about it tomorrow''

 Hire £30 an hour.