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    Martin Corrie and I have known each other for over 20 years we went to all the U.K festival with Mike from Kite world and helped out on the stall,I went every year to the Suffolk kite festival which Martin organized and over the last few years he has been coming out with me and Peter Smith flying around venues that the kite den puts on.Martin is one of my longest kite friends and has had my respects from the day I met him,the fun I have had with him over the years have been fantastic and even though he is quite a quiet man he has his moments that rip me apart laughing,Martin has done so much for the kite world in his life time that I felt after hearing the devastating news that Martin had Motor neurone disease that I would do something for my best friend and so this is what I arranged.

        I decided to do a kite display in his honor and set about letting all the kiters that know Martin the plans and date for the event,I had two dates planned one for the 6th October and the other on the 20th just in case the weather was bad on the 6th.I wanted to get a video of everyone who turned up saying a little something to Martin on the video and this task was given to Pete to get done throughout the day,myself was in charge of getting the group photo organized for 3pm and to get the picture enlarged and framed so I could present him with it as a gift.As I planned more through the weeks coming up to the event news of kiters coming were flowing in to me,some as far as Kent.I asked Pete to take his bigger shelter,tables and to supply my guests with tea and coffee which Lyn did a awesome job doing though out the day,as soon as a new quest flyer arrived I could hear her asking ''tea,coffee,biscuit'',I had brought a buffet that was laid out for the guests,a selection of cheeses,fruit,crisps,meaty products,doughnuts and other goodies,I was pleased to see not to much waste at the end of the day too.

   I had arrived at the Greensward in Frinton on sea at 8.45 and had already set out a load of ground items and banners in case of low wind and to colour up the green,not long after Pete and lyn arrived shortly followed by Mark(no pun there on your height Mark lol) we got Pete's shelter put up and set up the hospitality area ready for the flyers to arrive,I was a little worried by now as we still had no wind so we sat around for a chat and cuppa,more and more guests arrived and the field filled up with more banners and colour,the public was interested in what was going on and I spent a lot of time explaining my plans to them most saying they would come back later with the children or grand children,10.30 and the first kite was up the wind had picked up to around 10mph and stayed with us all day till late afternoon,and the sun was out all day as well,everyone said to me how lucky I was to get such a beautiful day in October but in my heart I knew that the Frinton weather would not let me down.After that first kite went up it was not long before the field was full of kites and kiters having a superb days flying,so many in fact we had to use up two sections of the greensward,the public were delighted with what was going on and the collection bucket had £30 in it at the end of the day which I will use to do the framed photo.I gave out loads of free mini diamond kites to kids who where later seen flying them all over the greensward,met some great public who were so glad that they see the kites and thought how lucky they was to just happen to go to Frinton that day.

     Some awesome kites were flown by my guests and although I have told you all how much I appreciated you coming and supporting this event I do so again..THANK YOU ALL... but by your comments at the end of the day I could tell you all had a fantastic time with me on this special day.I won't name each and every one of you in case I forget someone but you all know who you are and so will Martin,you all showed your love and thoughts to Martin today and I am sure it will melt his heart seeing you all on the video and group photo,which reminds me if Bill is ever at one of my events again I must get him to the photo shoot first,what a slow coach lol.It was awesome for me to see so many old kite friends that I have not seen for years,some looking no different then when I last saw them and others well I just say sorry to Mr G for not recognising you without a hairy face :)  ..I was so pleased with the day,weather,people and getting all done that I had planned I got home dirty and tired and that's a good sign of a great day in the kite world..As for Martin it makes me sick that all the nicest people in the world get the worse things happen and I end this with saying to you ...I LOVE YOU MAN.

 Update... Went to see Martin today (Tuesday 8th) with Pete and Lynda he was very glad to see us and when I gave him the photo in its frame he was well pleased and asked me to thank everyone in the picture for what he said was a wonderful thing to do for him,latest news is he might be out of hospital next week but will still need 24 hour care at home but he has been in the hospital for five weeks now and want just to be at his own home,we hope to take him out to a few kite flying days out when he feel up to it,and as he cant drive no more it will be up to his friends to get him out and about even for a hour or two.

Layer Marney tower

        After missing last years event as rain made the field water logged it was great to be back this year with the sun shining and the wind blowing in from the right hand side of the field.Layer Marney Tower is a Tudor palace, composed of buildings, gardens and parkland, dating from 1520 situated in Layer Marney,Essex.It holds all kinds of events throughout the year and today is the day of the kite festival run by the Essex kite group,although I am not a member I do usually get an invite from the owner of the tower herself and go along to the festival to display my kites.

     Its a nice easy forty minute ride to the venue and as normal I meet Pete along the way for the ride down,at nine am Pete drove past me and I was soon behind him in the car on our way.We was the first to arrive and the owner of the event opened the gate for us to get onto the field,check wind direction so we knew which side to park the cars.Not wasting any time I soon had a lifter in the air and had planned to try something new in the air,not new items just a new combination of items,I had a idea that maybe the koi fish would look good with the banner tails as they ripple in the wind and might give the effect of water.So I hooked on the first koi then a white banner another koi and a blue banner the third big koi and two more banners and to finish the line the baby koi.It looked ok with the movement of the banner tails and did give more colour for the koi theme but it also when the kite drifted down got in a tangle but only once in the whole day so I was happy with the new effect,but the fish still look best with my banner grass low down as if swimming in the underwater reeds.


  Just as I had finished the first display line other kiters started to arrive at the venue and throughout the morning soon filled up with kiters from all around the country,and that was the best part of my day meeting up with old friends for the first time this year and making new friends that I have not meet before.Pete was dribbling along putting up his shelter and a octopus while I was tearing round getting the ground stuff poked into the soft earth making a nice 'lane' of colour with my chair at the end we joked about it being the royal enclosure and moved his banner balloons behind for even more effect,Leo the lion sat on his pole at the front flying one of Pete's small sleds that I brought from him,it was not long before Leo's friend the lemur was out to flying his kite as well.

   In the morning the wind was up and down in fact all over the place and everyone was having trouble flying but that settled down in the afternoon with a much better breeze and was perfect flying.By midday the field was full of superb kites but then I see one that excited me and I had to go over to see the chap that was flying it.Congratulating him on his choice of kite we talked about it for ages and as I thought it was brought from 'Passion kites' in china and it was the new 'Minion' from the new kids cartoon film that just come out ''Despicable me'' its a kite that I would like in my collection in fact all the characters but at a hundred and forty pounds each that's not going to happen for a long while.Once the thing was on the line I could see it was one of those that wanted to fly higher then the main line,which shows it had good lift but also spun over the line lots of times,I said that the drogue that come with it was doing nothing and too small and it needed to be bigger and as it happened the chap had a nice white parachute type just right for the job,later it was back on its line looking great and behaving,job done.

 Back to my kites and the catterpiller was out in the middle of the field another sled was put up with the cat,horse,tweety bird and more ground items placed out.I went up to the tower for a look around and chatted with the public about the place and the kites,inside the building was the E.K.G. kite work shop which had a nice steady flow of kids wanting to make kites which they had fun flying down on the kite field I see quite a lot being flown by kids and parents and they flew quite well,maybe the workshop should do a competition for best design next year (or maybe they do already I don't know about it) I would donate the three prizes for it as well if they want.


 After my time up at the tower I headed back to the field and on the way collecting kids(big enough) to go into the catterpiller soon I had a big group of kids and adults ready to experience inside the beast but my lifter had popped it spars out the back and was swaying around all over the place and I had to change it for another one,ten minutes later it was inflated and ready for the kids to go in,Lyn helped hold the front with me while six kids went in,it was quite gusty at times and the bug rolled over,screams and laughter were heard inside,after a while I asked them to come out then looked at the parents and said ''ok adults next'' I think they were more excited then the kids,inside went the four 'big kids' everyone loved it and thanked me for letting them in it.I packed away the bug after this and got out another favourite for the kids angry bird and the blue meanie,I wanted to fly lots more out the bags in the car but once again time had raced past and with the amount I had out it would take me some time for the pack away if I didn't get help,but Daz was my helper again at the end of the day and four hands soon had it all done.Infact Daz helped all day long with items for me and when we had the meanie out I was telling him that I was never happy with his arms and hands as they never come out to the side right,soon Daz spotted  a bridle line that might just be the cause and so with him holding on to the meanie I released the bridles from the horns and sure enough it looked better already,the arms hung lower down as if to welcome you into them,I still think I can get it in a better position and will work on this over on my green this week while I am off work.

    Graham had turned up with the small diamond ice age kite that he said I could buy of him as my stock of these 'give a way' kite had run down and after a deal my bag was replenished with another 112 mini kites,I also talked to him about selling him one of my large crabs and just got to think of a fair price for it and let him know.Arnie had put up his bird flock he made and for me it was best of show and looked amazing over behind the tree now and then hiding the view of some of the ten black bird kites flying round the sky.Mark had made a new E.K.G banner and the owner was showing it of with delight to the envy of all around,it was a fantastic event all round and we all said the best yet at the Layer Marney tower but time had come to that part of the day we all don't like and that was the packing away and heading home.For me its been the best day out flying this year,the people,kites,weather and venue all made this a brilliant day and I hope next year will be the same.At five pm most of the kites were packed away in our cars and we spent a bit of time hugging and shaking hands till we meet again,I would have got home a bit earlier but a broken down tractor in the small lane going out made us have to find another route home but infact this added to the nice drive home through the country lanes and ended the day of perfect.

Great Bentley show

      The yearly show arrives once again and the beautiful Bentley green is transformed into a mass of stall and marques as well as the popular dog show,the green is split by a road and one half is used for the event and car parking area while over the other side of the road is the football pitch and another big area of green where I do my kite display.I have never asked to do the display until this year when I contacted the organizers to just check that they are happy with me being there,I very rarely am told no and as in this case the answer was ''Its always nice to see the kites over the road and we look forward to seeing them this year.''
    I got there around ten and got to work setting our all the my banners and ground items on the edge of the road making a very nice colourful display for the cars that drove past now and again,Parrots,fishes,ladybirds,banners,penguins,hippo,planes and spinning balls all lined my flying area,I used the car to drive along placing them along as it was quite a area that was filled with all the ground stuff.  

 Next was to get a lifter up and I knew with the direction of the wind it was not going to be easy,Bentley has a bad flying venue and only if the wind is coming along the from the football pitch do you get a good fly day,today's was coming in from over the big house and trees the worse way for this venue,the kite was up and down left and right all day and a very frustrating flying day,but I did manage to show the catterpillar,komodo dragon,horse,cat and angry bird,but I certainly didn't enjoy flying them in the conditions.

 My first friends to turn up was 'old' Pete and Val and we had plenty of time to have a chat and catch up,some really sad news about my mate Bruce was relayed to me and my thoughts are with you and Pam if there is anything you need from me please just ask.After lots of debates on subjects like Syria,traveller's and general other shit thats happening in this big old bad world and walking to put the kites back up every ten minutes we soon had the company of Mark,his mum always does a hand made card stall over at the show while Mark get in a sneaky fly with us,not long after Colin,Daz and his family and then John all drove onto the green,the topic soon changed from kites to new car which Daz and Colin had,very nice indeed but to me a car is to get me from A to B and as long as I can get enough kites in it and its reliable and I don't have to get it fixed often then that's my interest in cars done.Anyway while the boy racers were talking cars I said I would just pop over to the show for a while for a look round. 

   All the stalls from last year were there and some new ones too,the layout was superb plenty of room to get around and not masses of food venues like at some events I go to.I could have spent a few quid over there but resisted the temptation and saved my money for tomorrow when we go to Layer Marney,thirty minutes had past and so I headed back to my kites,it was pretty much a one man display today as Pete did not turn up and other then Mark flying a nice delta and banner,Pete flying his rev for five minutes and John a short fly on his two liner it was all my doing,I can't blame them as the wind was so bad.

     After a few hours Daz and Colin was headed off and not long after old Pete and Val,I thought it was a bit early for them all to go but the time had flown by (unlike my kites) and it was later then I thought,so I started packing up which took me till five pm so even though I thought I had a bad day it couldn't have been that bad for the time to speed by like it did,on thing that did bug me was the football match that was being played in the afternoon,why is it they have to spit,swear,shout and scream I don't hear all that fuss on proper games on the t.v .... god I hate football.I always said I would love to live in a house near the green,not any more.


The car park for the show looked as full as other years but the show did look a little emptier maybe it was just a different layout and we didn't see any vintage cars this year,but I still had a lot of public come over to the kite display doing what they do,photo's,question's and asking if I was selling things,one lady wanted to buy the parrot banners but they stayed put.Another lady asked me about the L.U.T.S night she has seen on my web page and told me we meet before when I did a display at Frinton her boy has grown since then and really loved getting in with the kites and his mum must have taken a photo of him with every item,nice to now the this web site is viewed by the public as well as kiter's...arrived home at five thirty but have left all the car full with today's kites ready for Layer tomorrow,but don't worry there was loads I did not fly so it was be to 'samey'...till then stay safe and keep it high.

Clacton Fete & Fireworks

   Not a kite in sight but this event I wanted to give the light suit a good test and what better place to do it then here at the fete and fireworks night,I went down to the event at around 8pm and see Paul who was the guy that made  decisions at the event,I told him my plan to come in and entertain the folks there,but I didn't want to pay the eight quid to get in,I was soon back over at the car and got changed into the light suit soon on my way inside,Julie was out with me to take the photos and video and crowd control,that's not a joke I really needed some sort of order for the photos that the public wanted,must have been over a hundred photo with the kids taken,and a few mums.After five minutes of being in the event I couldn't walk two foot until each photo was wanted at points growing into a line of families waiting for their turn.

     I see a few people there that I knew Pete and Val was really nice to bump into Pete was very impressed with the suit but as far as 'what' was there I didn't get the chance to see,had a little moment at the stage when a good song came on and I went into a dance,which the wife called 'Dad dancing' ....hhmmm,and was fun over at the stall with light up items,After an hour of being mobbed the fireworks started and had some stuff knew to me,red and white balls of fire shot up,huge star burst and the twelve minute show I thought was a good length,after around six minutes me and Julie went back to the car had to be as many or more folks in cars or at the green,a free area to just watch the firework show,this is where I believe Pete and Lyn where but I didn't see them in the crowds.Paul the man I got to get me in was very pleased with my entertainment and told me he has another big fete to do with lots of room for the kite den to be on,so maybe another event to add this year.I am hoping the Clacton fete liked the suit enough to have me do it again next year but with more light up items,maybe there is other light up fans out there that will join in?but banner poles always look good swaying in the wind,and a new laser show gadget that will light up the igloo,my ideas are endless for a smallish space in the fete.Tonight gave me some good data on the suit and a few mods are needed to some bits,the right boot needs a new power pack and some new routes on the suit will be needed to get round creasing the el-wire but in all it was a real hit with the public and can't wait to go to more evening events in it.

Easton farm park

   Invited by the S.F.K (Martin) I decided to help out at this new venue held at Easton park farm in Suffolk,it was a new attraction for the farm and nobody knew what it would be like.We was only doing the Sunday and after doing it and seeing the layout of the festival it would be much better to do the two days and camp over,as there was a nice camping area near the river and the kites could have been a lot more spread out around the event,which is what I like to do.

    I thought it was fine for a first time event and can see where a few improvements can be made there,but in all a very enjoyable day out for the families.Our kiting field was over to the right of the event and was big enough to have loads of kites on but I don't know if it was just a bad wind day or the tree line from where the wind was blowing but it was one of the most frustrating days flying I have had in a long time,gusty winds and the wrong size lifter made it so much hard work and I came home with a few cuts and bruises,not all from kiting I might add.I always know when we did a bad job kiting but the owners loved what they see and it sounds like we will be back next year if the festival was not a financial loss,but at round three hundred people each day I think it was a good turn out.

 There was lots there for free once you paid your entry of £10 which some folks moaned about being to high as when inside some things to do had to be paid for as well which in my opinion is the norm,like face painting,kite making,canoe,tractor rides and food and drinks...but the music,theater,hawaiian song and dance,Punch and Judy,puppets,kite display,interactive workshops,book writer Eileen Browne and SP model was all there to entertain for the inclusive price and when you think its £8.50 when its just the farm to see and pet the animals it was value for money,so stop bleating you moaners.


        The band was superb and big in the bluegrass world of music all the way from Canada was 'Oh my darlings' a four girl band that played and sung beautifully and looked nice too,had my foot tapping to the tunes and if I was there Saturday night to see them after a few pints I would have been hoe downing it with the best of them.There was plenty to eat and drink with a unique bakers van from Pump street bakery in Orford Suffolk,as well as home made ice cream and lots of other delicious foods around.Fancy dress and kite design competitions with the farm mascot horse judging them,back on the kite field we was still all having trouble keeping the kites aloft and so I said to Pete I was going to take some things over to the stage area to show the folks this included Mr Meanie,the big bug,Wallace and Gromit plane then Pete and me went round with a dog and Tweety bird on banner poles this seemed to have more effect on the folks them the food theme over in the field.Graham had some superb items like his big spinners and lifters but again was having nothing but trouble with them on the field,next year it will all be different for me with lots of banners,kite poles and sweet drops and a camp over hopefully.


     From the start of today I had a idea for a video making it from start to finish so filmed the car being loaded,some of the drive there and what was going on throughout the day it sort of worked out and was fun trying to do,Pete had a new toy as well as I took my walkie talkies with me and gave one to Lyn who was in the big barn with the kite workshop and the other to Pete so when he was over on the field he could talk to her,to much for Lyn's liking,and all the roger roger over and outs soon got to her.Not many kites made today even though it was being talked about on the p.a system but in all a good day out was had by all. 

  I think and its only my opinion that next year have more local bands,more side shows like coconut shy,hook a boat etc,more mascots walking round is always a fun thing for kids,keep the price to what it would normally be to enter the farm and let each stall charge letting the public choose what to spend their money on,charging a pitch fee to stall holder,the organizer told me he didn't want the normal stuff like bouncy castles but its what the public like or more the kids,when I saw the b.m.x bike display I was gob smacked at the display that would be great there as well,I am sure that others will have idea's for next year and I am looking forward to going if invited again.

Five parishes show

 The 81st five parishes show was held at Fingeringhoe gun ranges and once again was a joy to be at,running since 1932 the show is a long established event for the parish and has got bigger and better every time I visit.The S.K.F always do the kite display for the show and Martin asked me to attend to display my kites there as well,with Lyn and Mike doing a kite workshop.I was also going to do a sweet drop from my rev at the four pm slot on the program,we decided this would be a better option as the wind was very gusty today,so gusty that I have got a few repairs to do on some items and had to go get the lifter that snapped its line and nearly landed in the r.c planes,could have been costly if it took out a few of them.


   Even though it was too windy today I went all out to put on a great display the parrot banners lined the path down to where I was flying and a few flying toys where near them,the Ice age theme was set up but this time because of the wind speed I set up the polar bear and walrus on poles,which I must say looked great on the ground level,the igloo had many folks inside as the day went on as did the huge catterpiller.On another lifter was an array of items through out the day,angry bird,cat,gecko,dog,horse and penguin all had a turn on the line.I had plenty of time for a walk round the show to see everything and treated myself to a hog roast...mmmmm my favourite show food.The dog show,dog agility and Frank walker gun dogs all interested me as did the stall with some beautiful bread on it,being a baker myself I gave it a 10/10 for quality and styles.The main ring had lots going on all day,birds of prey,Annies fantasies,Suffolk punch trust,Tom and Tilly turnip tomfoolery as well as the stalls all around the event and the two big craft marquee's.Over the back to us was the model aircraft club that had some amazing planes flying around,the end was the best I thought with a good old dog fight with German and English planes.


 At the kite area from the S.F.K was Mark,Pete,Martin,Lyn and Mike and myself the workshop had a steady flow of folks wanting to make a kite and fly them in the kite area,one member of the public was a polar bear fan and I am sure Guy will be getting another order soon from them for one,the day was an easy fly but hard work pulling the line down to attach items as the wind was in the 20mph range and gusting,soon it was time for a sweet drop and I had already set the rev 1 up with its two lemonade bottles taped on the back upright spars,Lyn filled the pots up with sweets and I flew the kite up in the sky waiting for the countdown to reach 1 then spin the kite over to release all the sweets onto the field watching the folk with their kids racing around collecting as many as they could..much fun had by all.This was a busy time for me as the public with the show programs knew where to come and we had a good crowd at four onwards with lots going in the igloo and catterpiller and many questions to answer.The last hour went too fast and it was time to start to get things back into the car,when I got home I knew I had done a good display cos I was worn out,dirty and hungry,the sun took its toll and I had to stop for more drink on the journey home even though I had four bottles with me for the day,once Home I didn't have the energy to unload the car and left it outside the house till the morning to do it,but as Mondays are my days off from work it gives me a day to get myself fit and ready for the week and gives me the time to tell all you kite den fans what I have been up to at the weekend with my kites.


 Music on the meadow

Every year I look forward to this event and have only missed one event since it started on the small grassed area in front of the priory,the best time I think was the years we had it on in the field behind Cowley park,there was lots of room and I could do a good kite display and it always looked fullish for a big field.Now its held on the Cowley park and I tried last year to fly but it was pretty hopeless,so this year I had to think different for fun things to do there.It was uncanny that we had sunshine all week but Saturday it was a dark grey sky all day with the feel of rain in the air,and today its back to sunny,I think this put off a lot of people coming as the evening was not as busy as last years,enough though to have a fun night.

       I arrived at six with two suit cases and the wife,the walk from the car park was hell and its the first time I have not had my car on the event with all my stuff next to me,walking on the field and scanning round for friends that I couldn't see I set the blanket on the ground and bashed in the stake for a 6m banner pole,on top was monkey flying his kite and as I knew it was a instant hit with all,I had to have at least one kite there didn't I. Out come some drinks and we sat chatting for a while until I saw Amanda walking up to us,her group was on the other side of the field so we grabbed the bits and went and set up with them,monkey also got more attention there.The bee outfit came out one suitcase and Aleyshia got dressed in it for some fun with the crowd,this mascot went down so well last time here it ended up on the stage playing the drums..I too had a mess around in it.The night was going fast as was my drink so a trip to the spar with Amanda for another bit to take us into the night,and my light suit.

Some times through the day I heard groups playing that I liked and a couple I didn't but in all the music was great there was also a few new rides there but I am betting the owners wished for a bigger crowd,even with the overcast sky it held off any rain for the night and we all stayed dry,the night drew in and I had asked Amanda to wear the light suit for me so I can do some photos of it,some how when I was away from the group this had changed and when I got back Joe was nearly all in the suit so I finished helping switch it all on and watched her walk off into the public,mobbed within seconds and camera shooting it all around the suit had its first public outing and seemed to survive the night,a few bits need to be stuck back in position but all good for the next time it will be out playing.It was all a rush by now the venue was winding down ,people going and the wife was back to take me home,a little drunk.Had some nice comments about the items from the kite den and the bee and lights are the way to go at this venue,would like to put out lots of colourful banners next year,but whatever I do I have never not enjoyed myself at our villages 





Elmstead market fete


    This was a new venue for me and turned out to be a really good event,Amanda had seen me flying the kites somewhere else and had come over to ask if I could help her out at their fete,looking at the kite den booking page the 6th of July was free and as it happened I was on my holidays that coming week so I booked it in and today I was off to do it.Being only a twenty minute drive I was there around ten and could see other things already being set up,I was greeted by the organizer of the fete and was shown where and what space I had to do my kite display for them.With a nice allocated area I set about putting up all types of banners,flags and spinners just in case the wind decided not to play ball.

    The fete was opening at one till 4ish which didn't seem that long for all the work everyone has to go though to get their stalls set up but I certainly needed the three hour to set up my area,I was all but done when Martin ,Pete and Lyn arrived and was soon setting up a lifter,alas with not much luck,the wind was going in all directions and every time I got the lifter up i came down again,I was wondering if it was the venue.


    Pete set up his shelter and put up his banner flag then got out a box of kites for sale,he set up two banner poles with items on(lucky for me it was not the octopus) though out the day he sold lots of his kites that he had collected over the last few month,and in the afternoon lots of the public were trying to fly but like me having real trouble with the wind conditions.After a frustrating hour I had had enough and decided to go round in the bee outfit with a bucket to collect some money,this was only a twenty minute thing as it was so hot and I would have fainted if in the bee out fit for more then that.

   The fete had lots there with tea cup rides,bouncy castles,face painting,music pa,beer tent,cake stall and other food stalls and lots more,I was glad I set up all the ground items as there was not much in the air,Pete got his heart kite up and a diamond kite but still the big lifters would not stay up and it was getting on.After another walk round as the 'Honey the bee' I felt a breeze and see my chance to start and do what I like doing best entertaining the public,I changed lifters to a premier 81 and soon the big old catterpillar was inflated this time I had a sign 'have some fun inside my tum' for 50p a go.Loads of kids lined up for a walk round inside the beast and Lyn helped me to keep the catterpillar up and safe for the kids to enjoy them self in it,limiting it to three at a time.

    By the time the queue had gone I had time to hook on the cat and tweety bird then packing away the big catterpillar and replacing it with the komodo dragon but then that was time up I could hear them saying on the p.a time for the raffle and that meant it would be closing after that,I started gathering it all my banners and bit leaving the kids pulling on the dragons tail like they do,and soon everything was all packed away and I was ready to head of home,as Pete,Martin,lyn and myself had the last chat Amanda came over and told me how wonderful the kite display was and that it was the talk of the fete she and her team were very thankful and happy with what I had done and a nice follow up e-mail to just say it again,myself I was not that happy with the kites up for the day but then thats down to the wind not me.....would I go back to this venue ,for sure I had a brilliant day there and felt so welcomed as well.