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Here you can find all non event flying days,fun stories and pictures of local flys around the Clacton area,see what I get up to with my kiting buddies when we just go out to have fun with our hobby.

Ok so its not the usual kite flying but I offered to do the Santas grotto with my ice age theme at work,the only room available was the HR room and I thought the igloo and bears would just fit inside.Friday night we met up and covered the walls in white sheeting and hung up my icicles,then we laid out the igloo only to find it was about a foot or two two big,but with a bit of pushing and shoving we got it in and inflated.The igloo was going to be the main feature with Santa and his elf inside with a tree,presents and lights.

 The elf was there to take the photo which can be collected after Wednesday at the shop,this was included in the three pound charge per child,adult got in see father christmas (Andy Liddle) and get a present from him and a special chocolate coin,on the way out other elfs (Maria,Simon,Belinda and Sarah Bolten who organized the charity event with all the money going to Text Santa.

Saturday we all got into the room around nine and set about finishing the grotto,it had to be ready for the first visitor by ten thirty and it was...we could have done a much better display if we had a bigger space,with the room so small we had to leave out the kite den polar bear and swop her for a xmas tree to fill the space,but in all it worked out fine and the reviews from people who went in where great,at first I thought it was all wrong when not only the first but also the second 'guests' were to scared to go into the igloo and all we did is make them cry...once the children were over three things went superb,I was bringing shoppers at Morrisons round to see Santa and he was kept busy with a steady flow of children...Andy made a great father christmas and the elf kept things flowing,I think the bucket had around £120 in it when I left...well done everyone and hope to have a bigger and better one next year..  

All you can eat

   Plans to try the Toby £3.99 all you can eat breakfast was fixed for today with Pete and we met up out side the carvery at nine,it was lovely and sunny but the wind was blowing high at 25mph gusting in the 30's,as we looked at the crashing waves we wondered if we would get any flying in after breakfast.Only a few yards down the prom is our favourite cafe that does a great breakfast but I couldn't judge the difference unless I tried the carvery one(just an excuse for a big fry up),Inside it already had some eaters in and we was called over to the bar for the girl to explain the procedure,its £3.99 for a breakfast ''would you like a drink with that'' alarm bells ringing in my ears it was the 'extra's' that knock up the prices 'two teas please' said Pete ''thank you that will be £11.80'' the £3.99 turned into £5.90 not a good start for Toby.Plates were cold and the food looked o.k under the heat lamp,the plus side was there was not a queue so as I walked along on the plate went a heap of bacon,1 sausage,3 hash browns,2 eggs,beans and 2 tomatoes,the tea was help your self and a cup and teabag,milk,sugar and hot water was all there to make yourself a tea to how you like it.I got a table which was the wrong area really as there was plenty of seascape window ones to choose from,the place had a few families in with children but all were well behaved and fairly quiet,tucking into the breakfast was pleasent things were hot and cooked well,as we chomped down we talked about kites (what else) and it was not long before Pete was heading back to the counter for some toast and marmalade and another refill in the tea cups..In all I would say if you like a big breakfast this is a good place to get one,and it is a great way to start your days flying on a windy beach.

   We had an hour in the Toby then went to the tower to see just what we could fly for the day,it was windy and so we both thought about ground items and Pete tries a small premier 24 which worked well,as usual there was plenty of people out and about and many came over to 'play',my spider bol was spinning like its never spun before and showed me that it likes the higher winds best,after pegging out a number of items I decided to put the kite arch up between the two folly ball posts which are so handy for our kites,the arch looked great and soon Pete and I was trying all sorts of ideas with tubed tail and other bits.

    Pete came over to me and asked if I see the workman's cabin yet as I went over to see what he had seen there was the door kicked in and the heater ripped of the wall,what stupid idiots have to do this if they had a brain the door was unlocked and no need to break the cabin,still we both said it would happen sooner or later I would think it will be took of the beach soon or it will in the end just get burnt down by some twat.Back over at the kites the wind was making the sand blow around sandblasting us and soon this gotthe better of me and I said to Pete I was ready to head home,we had a nice 3 hours and its always nice to get out after a week of work with my mate...NEXT WEEK is my ONE SKY ONE MARTIN event (Sunday 6th October) in honor of our friend who is very ill,its at Frinton on sea greensward and I will be there from 9am onwards lots of other kiter's are coming so it should be a great turnout with loads of kites up,so please if you can make it just turn up and enjoy the day with us all.


Martello tower 15th September

  So summers nearly over and in one way that's not a bad thing for two good reasons,one you seem to get better winds when its cooler and two we can get back on the beach at Martello tower as the sunbathers get goose pimples now its colder and stay off it making it roomy and safer to fly our kites,you still get loads of public there on walks or going to the cafes and Toby for Sunday breakfast or lunch and today was just one of them days.

  The weather was said to be bad today with rain and high winds (gales) but when I woke up and see the sun shining and no clouds around I knew we could get some time flying today,Pete had the same idea and rang me at around eight thirty to ask if I was going,we planned to me at the beach around ten giving me time to get some kites together and head down there.Pete just beat me there and was already one the beach with his sled 36 in the air and even though just an hour ago the wind was gentle breeze it had picked up to 20-28mph and rising by the hour.

 Greetings with Pete first and a chat about the high winds coming our way and how nice it was to be back on the beach I could see some changes on the beach,the tower had a warning sign on it saying it was dangerous and had been fenced off and on the beach was a workman's cabin,we had a laugh saying that it was nice of them to put us flyers a shelter up for the winter and me being me went and had a look at it,couldn't believe it when I tried the door and it was unlocked,the brand new cabin had a heater and lights and wall plugs but was not connected up to any electrics other then this it was empty but I am betting that when the workmen have to use it it will get locked up,shame as we could have our tea breaks in there when the real cold weather rolls in,maybe I can bribe one of the workmen for a key.

I had picked out some items that needed looking at,one was my Shannon foil a beautiful lifter but that had always flown off to the right and was unstable and had not seen the light of day for a good few years,knowing the problem with it I also grabbed the Gomberg snake tails to attach to the back of the kite.Sure enough when I let out the line it shot down to the right hitting the beach,it was a little better once the tails were added but still needed to be adjusted,while I was doing this Pete had put out a crab and ladybird on the beach and had attached some tails on his lifter line,no big inflatables were going to be flown today as that wind was getting stronger and stronger,I went about doing the adjustments on the Shannon and soon had it stable and flying to the point where I was happy with it.I also took my sperms with me and added the five white sperm on the line these don't get out a lot when the places we fly have lots of kids around but if I do and they ask what they are I always say 'Albino tadpole' the parent usually laugh saying 'yeah mate,really'.

   By now the wind was getting to the point of blowing the sand up and it was getting everywhere Pete said he was going to put on another item a penguin so I went and added a flash of colour with my banner tails on my line,but by the time Pete had a cup of tea we decided it was getting to much with the sand and wind blowing everywhere and took down everything so we could head of to our favourite cafe.

    After loading the kites in the cars we took a nice stroll to the 'Greensward cafe' only to find it fully packed out but just as we was going to leave a table for two emptied and Pete went across to the table while I ordered us some tea,a bacon roll for Pete and a 'Crewman' breakfast for myself as I had not had anything to eat or drink yet,I could see why it was so busy the cafe are doing roast dinner at £5.99 and gotta say it looked very nice and being cheaper then the Toby carvery it had its regular feeder in for their Sunday dinners.Over our tea Pete got out a page from the gazette about the Layer Marney do we did,and there was the picture of the bloke NOT flying my cat which I got really annoyed about as it said it was his and I told the reporter on the day to get the right flyer with the right kites (arsehole) I also think that the kiter should have put him right as well knowing it was not his but I'm over it now you can have your lies in the paper.It was worth getting out for the few hour this morning and we did the right thing by packing up when we did for as I just got home it started to spit with rain and that wind was up in the thirty's.

Back at the zoo

   After chatting with Colin about the weekend that the Haven holds its triathlon and the kiters can't fly there he said what about going to the zoo again,after a few checks with Jez at the zoo it was soon sorted that we could go and fly on the weekend.Saturday was the starlight evening and I had planned to go there and fly in the field from midday then go into the zoo with the light suit and other 'lighty things' with whoever was with me,with the wife away I had to plan for the dogs to be looked after and on the day it all fell through and I could not leave them for all them hour by themselves,I did try and let everyone know on the website but that stupid forum did not show up my comments and a few friends still turned up on the Saturday,(which was ringing in my ears all day on Sunday)It was such a shame as it was the Saturday that had the better weather as well.


 Sunday was ok for me as the wife was due home early that morning and I headed out at nine thirty to the zoo and when I pulled up there was Margret and Roger all ready to have a word about Saturday,well I say a word it went on all day as others arrived,being thick skinned I took all the banter all day.I was glad to see that the wind was coming in from the horses field,a way that we had not had at the zoo before and I was hoping for a more less bumpy wind we had there before,this was not to be.It was not long before the group was all there ,Margret,Roger,Daz,Colin,John(mini turbine)Me,and Keith (shiek mehandy).Soon the first kites went up a few deltas and tails,my big lifter and another 81 premier and on these the lobster,big crabs and small crab all was going well until the lifters hit each other,because the spar had popped out the back of the sled making it unstable,lucky Keith always carries a sewing kit with him and i mended the said kite.The Haven gang also had time to sleeve up so quad line showing Keith how it was done,also they had a quad fly together.

 From then on it went from good to worse as the wind gusted around and caused all sorts of problem,I gave Daz the china turtle to try and get looking better on a line as I never have got it to look good the conclusion was it needs a rod in its head to keep it open,I still think it needs a new head made for it but bigger.We got up a number of things in the morning and kept swopping them for different ones,until Roger called to me to look behind us,there was a big old storm cloud heading our way and we all decided to take down the kites till it past,just in the nick of time was it all in the car,just rammed in it I might add with Daz calling it a exploded fish tank as nothing was in its bags.The rain started as a drizzle but soon got heavy so we jumped in the motors waiting for it to pass,this gave me time for a nice chat with Keith about the old days of the festivals and people we had meet.After a few cups of tea the sky looked no better ad by three we decided to call it a day and head our ways home.I was thinking about the venue as I drove home and wonder if the overflow car park would be a better option for the kite displays and next time will ask Jez if I can test fly in there to see,it could be coned off so no public cars drove in but the public can walk in if wanted.So on arriving home I got on the p.c and looked for a better forum for the web site members to use that will be more reliable and make sure that the messages I write get sen by them so make sure you sign in with Dabble so you can all chat in the forum.


 Sheik Mehandy (Keith)


Very local fly  

    After the heavy rain that hit Essex on Saturday it was nice to see by Sunday afternoon that it had blown out to sea and the sun was back out,to late to go out for a big fly I decided to go over on the green just one minute from where I live,the wind was quite high so I grabbed the rev 1 vented and as luck would have it the tide was right in so I could do some water work with the revolution 1.

        It was not long before some of the neighbours and their kids were asking all about the kite and how it went under the sea and back out,walked along the ground and stuck on the beacon,soon a couple of lads had a turn trying to fly the kite but with not much luck,asking me if I had any other kites (I laughed at this question) ''Yes a few'' would you like to see a catterpillar,I packed the rev up and popped back to the house and got a lifter and the giant bag with the bug in it.''Wow that's a big bag'' with a smile I emptied out what was inside and set it up,eyes bulging and mouths open the boys gasped its huge.Once the bug was all inflated and bouncing around it soon drew a small crowd of holiday makers and neighbours over onto the green,and not long after every one of them had a walk inside the bug with all the adults saying that it made them feel seasick.As I answered all the questions about the catterpillar the boys asked if I could get something else and so I packed up again and went back over to the house and got the komodo dragon,the lifter was still on the green so it was just a case of hooking the dragon on the line and once again the people around looked in amazement at it.The kid run under it and grabbed its tail having great fun with the beast.

      As the sun set over the sea the dragon looked really nice above the crowd on the sea wall and a lady came over from down the beach to show me the photos see had took on her I-pad and I must say some of them were very nice indeed,''that's going on Facebook'' she said,everyone was asking why they don't see me flying much on the green anymore and I started to ask myself the same question,with nothing planned for the bank holiday Monday the next day I told them I would put on a display tomorrow for all to see..soon word got around and everyone was looking forward to seeing what I was going to fly the next day.....

 After the nice evening on the green I set out early to start to set up a display for the folks at Point clear bay to enjoy,eight am and I was already over on the green setting out the parrot banners along the grass by the road given it an instant flash of colour as the cars drove past,next to hit the skies was my Premier kite arch eighteen small diamond kites attached to a flag line at each end sending a colourful rainbow of kites arcing across the green,already the green looks alive with colour and it was only half eight.For once the green was clean from dog waste but the bin for the dogs poo was overflowing and bags all dumped around the base look very unsightly and smelly I think if the camp put bins out for the dog owners to use at least empty them daily or whats the point of putting them there.But saying that looking along the beach in the morning it was rubbish free and a pleasure to look at and for the public to sit on,if only we could have clear blue sea instead of the murky brown that we have,but being a channel the tide churns the silt up that make it like that,points for the camp for getting the grass cut nice and short ready for the bank holiday weekend.


 The wind was blowing offshore from over the houses and was as smooth as 'Instant whip' a creamy desert for those that's never had it,,a steady 10-15 mph wind blew all day long only once did it swing round a little,the two neighbours boys was soon over to join me and one the younger one was without a question every two minutes,I asked what they wanted to see next and the igloo was the answer and so of I went to get the holdall that had all the 'Ice age theme' in it,the igloo went out first and before the last peg was in the boys were inside rolling around the floor,while they was having fun inside I got the walrus fixed on its pole and the first lifter went up to hang on the three seals,mother and baby polar bear,killer whale,three different penguins,dolphine and last out the bag the two penguin banners which we put outside the entrance of the igloo,'Ice age' was done and being admired by plenty of folks that where by now rising and getting out into the beautiful bank holiday Monday weather. 

 The boys were dying to see the Angry bird and so yet another short walk to the kite room at home to grab that and some other item,soon the second lifter hit the sky and the angry bird was just in reach of the youngsters and once again while everyone was playing with that I sneaked off and set up the nine turtles on the slope of the green,the wind low down here was not strong enough to bounce them around as I wanted and later in the day I moved them all to a better spot up in the middle of the green.By now there was lots of holiday makers and neighbours alike over near the wall watching it all come together,there was not many cars that did not pull over and stop to see the kites some staying there all day,well its not often you have a nice green to play on,a sandy beach and a loads of awesome kites to watch.I would have been out with my flying buddy Peter Smith on a bank holiday and the night before had phoned him to say what my plans were for the day,he said he would try and come down after dropping his wife to work,sure enough I soon had somebody grabbing my waist only to turn round to see Pete there with a big smile on his face ''your doing well Rob'' as I told him what a beautiful kite day it was there with the perfect wind it was not long before he headed back to his car to put something in the air,I need not ask him what he would be flying cos I now its his octopus that is always first up. 

   While Pete was setting up his line I too decided it was time for a third lifter to get in the air and soon this was full of other items like the gecko,dog,tweety bird,horse and the dogs ball.The boys was telling everyone about the kite yesterday that walks and swims in the sea and after much asking I gave in and went and got the rev 1 but with a little extra,I tapped on a plastic bottle that had been cut in half on each upright spar and I watched as the boys looked puzzled at what it was all for,I told them to go up to the sea wall and watch the kite as they walked away with their backs to me I loaded the bottles with a parachute in each one,once back at the handles I gave them a tug and launch the kite right above me on the 100 foot lines,spun it over and shook out the parachutes the boys run over to the beach and got the two big chutes and I showed them how to load the bottles with them,once they had the idea I could just land and load and then drop again and again until I got worn out,well more like the kids got worn out after having to fetch the chutes every time.When we had had enough of this fun I showed the crowds what a Revolution can do in and out the water,this brought a lots of older folks over asking all the question,where,how much,is it easy!!!


Although my neighbours were bringing me over any type of drink I wanted and food offered but I was not hungry all day and did not eat till six that evening,I could also use my walkie talkies to ask the wife to bring me things from the house so I did not have to leave the green only for a bladder empty,real handy things to have are the 'talkies' and with a three mile range can be used at most event.Meanwhile Pete had his line up with a nice blue octopus on it and was just getting his smaller purple one up when I said my one of those is very 'twitchy' in the air but his in the smooth wind seemed to be doing fine,Pete told me off his days flying the day before at a scouts event and how it was in the middle of a forest clearing and he struggled all morning to try and put on a show with no luck and when he did finally get his Premier 81 lifter in the air it was soon in a tree that he thought he would not be getting it back,only by driving his car with it tied to did he take the chance of pulling it free,lucky for him and the kite it was the branches that broke first freeing the kite.As I looked round the green I couldn't see Pete's smaller octopus until I looked in the sea and see it floating on the waves,with a big grin I told him.Poor old Pete had a bad day yesterday and now had a soaking wet octopus but it got worse as he retrieved the octopus his big lifter took a dive in the sea as well and he had a 50 foot tubed tall on it,as he got to me with the wet octopus moaning,I pointed out to sea again for him to see his lifter ''bloody hell I am of having a good weekend'' we laughed after once the kites soon dried out in the sunshine.


    I later asked Pete to take some photos of me handing out some free small diamond kites that I give away now and again,many kids got a free kite and even one old lady got one with me saying ''your never to old my love'' see smiled and I made her day.Well the day had rocked past and it was five in the afternoon and it was time for me to pack away,Pete had to shoot of and pick Lyn up from work and I was back indoors by six and in a radox bath by six thirty trying to ease the aching that was starting to creep around me old bones,everyone thanked me for the show and today I had reports that it was the talk of the pub and club on the camp,I made a lot of people very happy today but the happiest of them all was myself cos I love kiting.

 Frinton on sea

    Wow yet another super weather day,light winds in the morning getting to perfection by two pm,overcast in the early part of the morning brightening up by midday which for setting up the kites is great as it a bit cooler.Pete got there first today and I drove up next to him saying lucky we got there now as all the car park spaces were filling up fast by ten there was none left so it is always worth getting there near nine to get your space.Pete had already checked the gate and although it was shut it was not padlocked so we opened it up drove down and dumped of all the kites and things.The tide was superb as well as it was out for most of the day allowing the beach goers on it,the tide at Frinton covers the beach when at high tide and most of the public come up onto the green when this happens and it can become crowded,but today this didn't happen till around three.

     I got up the first lifter and it was just holding itself up as did Pete sled 81 I was wondering what Pete was going to put on his line but I should have known,two octopus were attached first but later I did get to view some other nice items from his bags.His heart,pyjama fish,seahorse,bol all took to the air later though the day,and as with my fish we adjusted Pete's bridle on his fish so the fins sat better,for me it was kite after kite starting with the komodo dragon and angry bird and setting up the three monkeys flying little sled of their own,these were the stars of the day and all you heard all day was ''look at the monkeys flying'' followed by roars of laughter,more comments were ''arr to cute'' ''what a great idea'' ''I want one dad'' and many more,I said to Pete that I bet a penny form you every time you hear the word monkey,he would have owed me a weeks wages at the end of the day.

 Soon my second lifter was up and the cat,dog,horse,tweety bird,nemo,devil,weird fish and more was on display,changing things through the day to other items which for some public that went home to get their camera's and come back saying ''wheres the dragon gone''.I let loads of kids hold the monkeys for photos from the parents and others had a go of the Wallace and Gromit plane,squid and octopus,soon others on the green were kite flying all types of kites some with no luck after setting up the kite wrong I soon showed them the error of their ways and put it right for them,and watched it shoot up in the sky,walking away hearing the thanks coming from them.

    All to soon it was four in the afternoon and time to think about getting everything down and packed away,it takes around an hour for this end of the day task and as the gate had now been padlocked up it was going to be a few trips back and fourth to the car to pack it away in it.This is always the time that we get our most public come over for a chat as well as they see you packing up asking question about the kites or just thanking us for the awesome kite display that they had watched all day from the beach.As always at Frinton I had a great time and look forward to getting there a few more times before the summer ends.




  Today was a quick afternoon fly down at Seawick with Pete,the venue we use was uncut except for wide walkways which turned out handy to launch and take down the kites,I didn't take much and in the end wish I had more with me but it was still nice to get out in this wonderful weather we got at last.I took my flame foil,koi and the horse.I had already had the flame foil up before Pete arrived and had just packed it away before changing over to the white lifter ready to attach the koi on.I was never happy withthe small koi as it never look right hanging from the lifter line so with a snip of the scissors I moved the top bridle along the top fin and was much happier with the way it was hanging.Pete flew some bits but most of the time we was chatting about where will we fly on Sunday,quite a few people came over for a chat about the kites and later on I had a fly with the rev 1 until my walkman ran out of battery power.In all it was a nice fly with Pete and I was looking forward to a full day at Frinton on sea tomorrow.




Haven fly 

    After a busy day at the fete yesterday and Pete being away this Sunday I thought that a nice relaxing fly up the Haven was in order,not rushing to get there as I knew the weather for all this week is going to be nice,I arrived to find the usual flyers there,later Richard and co arrived and was happy to say that he had got himself a new job at last in a wine bar at Frinton as the manager,now he can relax a bit more knowing a wage is coming into the household and we might see the old funny Richard we all love,congrats mate.

    I was not going to make it a hard days flying today and just took a stack of diamonds that I wanted to test after mending and the ice age theme so I could see it all together with the new walrus that David Holt made for me.Colin helped me put up the whole lot up and admired the new item,with the weather so nice it was quite busy up at the haven and a big group had settled just near us,there was at least six or seven children among the families and later I asked the parents if I can get the kids to go into the igloo for a photo shoot the kids loved it and I got some nice photos,I gave all the parents a kite den card and said if they want to download the photo I would put it on here for them to do so.


         With the wind being so nice everything just floated around in the air but I did have the lifters collide a couple of times making a relaunch in order but again my trusty helper Colin helped out with that to,so most of the day I was sitting chatting just like a true haven flyer cold drinks and some snacks and I borrowed a few flyers quads for some fun flying with the group.I am very pleased with the walrus and am thinking what will be the next addition to the ice age theme,ideas are,a eskimo fishing,artic hare,artic fox or to give these designer a real challenge a dog sled with six huskies,lol.

  While packing away I broke a spar to the entrance of the igloo and after finding a spar the same size at home I heated off the ferruls of the broken spar and glued them onto a new length of carbon rod so its all fixed ready for the next time the igloo has a fly, a lady offered me three hundred pounds for it today and wish she could take it home with her,sorry love not this one..  :D


 Today turned out just how I wanted it to and gave me a nice rest and time to meet up with the haven flyers.











The Naze tower fly



      After a bad end to my week I was in much need of some relax time to cheer myself up a little and so after a quick chat with Pete we decided to go up the the Naze tower for a days flying.It was a beautiful sunny morning and I found myself leaving the house by eight with a car full of kites.I was there by eight forty five and soon had my bags over to the fly green ready to set something up,the wind was a nice gentle 5-10 mph and so ideal for me to set up the bee theme.


I had one line up with nine bee's on when Pete walked across the field to join me,''They look nice Rob'' and I must admit that in the wrong wind conditions the bee theme can be a handful but today it was all working like a dream,a slight humming sound coming from the bee's and all of them flying around in different directions.I looked in the case which house the theme and sorted out some spinning flowers and the small bee I got from E-bay a few years back,these were meant for car antenna's but with a thin spar poked in them they swayed around in the wind.

 It was not long before the owner of the Naze tower come over for a chat and offer us a cup of tea and a biscuit (thanks for that) and it was just about time for a sit down and rest before my next items went up.After nice chat and drink I headed off to my next bag and set up the ice age theme Igloo,polar bears,penguins,killer whale and dolphin were all on a line flying away nicely,and it was not long before small children started to go in the igloo and cuddle the bears.

Pete had the piss taken again by me for putting up yet another octopus,well two actually and his crab went down on the ground with a small ladybird,yet again nothing special for me to admire out of his awesome collection of kites,why!! please fly something different soon.Martin arrived looking not well at all I am getting worried about him he can't walk far at all without resting,but he does so much like to come and watch me and Pete play with our kites and chat with the public that ask him question.

  The weather condition changed around dinner time and the wind had picked up a good 10 mph making the bee theme erratic and a bee breaking away form the line so I took that down and packed it away,looking at the small bee's on the spars swishing away I decided that they had had their day and gave all the complete ones away to some families having picnics,they was very happy to see their kids eyes light up with a free bee on a stick,and very thanking to me for the nice gesture.

 Another rest time and chat with martin telling me about a new event in Suffolk he would like me to attend and the Elmstead market fete fly I got to do this Saturday,Pete had gone off to change his lifter from his 81 to a smaller 36 as the wind was gusting and looking at my items I too decided to pack away before something snapped,I did give my owl quad a dusting off but again the wind was not playing ball and soon that was back in its bag.It was still a really nice sunny day and early for us to go home so it was bags in the cars and head to the cafe were Pet brought me a jam scone and tea.We spoke about a small park that we passed to get to the Naze and said we will go and stop there on the way home to see if it was a good enough place to fly.

    We drove into the car park and spotted a family with a nice looking kite,something like a star but quite big,we watched as the dad set out to fly it but looking at the angle it was flying at sometime did not look right,I say flying it would not get above shoulder height so in the end it got the better of Pete and he went over to try and fix the problem,I was happy flying my Penguin when he called me over,the end of the story is that we made thing worse and couldn't work out where the bridle should have been attached and left the family looking sheepish saying ''we really are skilled kite flyers'' ...we left a little while later to head home.It was still only four so as I was passing the Haven anyway I stopped of to see who was left up there,Colin,Margret and Roger was,and I passed Bruce as I drove in...Plenty to talk about as the three amigos had just come back from a two week break after I wore the out at the zoo event,a nice hour had chatting and a few fags later it was in the car to go home,my day was good,nice friends,nice weather and some nice photos to see of my day up the Naze tower.






















Bank holiday Monday

    After the last two days at the zoo I really needed a rest and so I had arranged to go up to the Haven to meet the Haven flyers for a chill out day and what better place to do it then there(with all the tea breaks they have),I was only going to take one kite but ended up taking five quads,much to Amandas and other joy as they love the Sky dancers.I set up the rev vented first and had a fly with the team then a nice restful sit down and chat with everyone but being me could'nt rest for long and soon I had the sky dancers on the lines.

   Amandas face gave me the impression that she was just itching to get her hands on the handles and so I gave them to her while I set up another sky dancer setting it up on Amandas lines,seeing the kites dancing round the sky with the tails looked great and its been some while since I have seen them,most of the flyers had a play with them.

  Mean while at the shelter young  Aleyshia and her new best friend 'Candy floss' was laying on the picnic mat that Margret had put down for us to use,'Candy' was all dressed up in shorts and t-shirt with a flower in her hair and her own handbag,it was not long before all the flyers were back at the shelter and Colin had a little something for 'Candy floss' a certificate to say that she was the new Haven Mascot and Haven flyer and that had passed her phase 1 kite flyer,Aleyshias face lite up as she read out the words on the certificate,but that was not the only surprise that she got that day,between Amanda and Bruce she got her own full size quad.... WOW.

  My day was relaxing and quite short as I had the weekends write ups to do and some gardening so I left around two and headed home,saying to the group that I was looking forward to seeing them at the zoo again this weekend.











Fun with the lights 


   As I was on a weeks holiday and not have to get up early I thought I would go over to the green where I live and try the igloo with lights in it.I prepared everything indoors and carried it over to the green which is only two minutes walk away..lucky me.

  It was still light when I went over and had everything ready just before it got dark,all was perfect the igloo was sitting up nice the lights had all been tested and all I had to do it sit on the sea wall and have a fag while the darkness set in.

  I had also taken my light boots,belt and helmet to add some extra effect and after a while of bending I noticed that the boots will need looking at as the glue I used (hot glue gun) was coming away from the boot but that was just a quick fix before nightfall.

  So there I was on the green ready to switch on everything and I gotta say the igloo looked just how I imagened with the china lights,but then ten minutes after I started to have some fun the wind died off to zero and the igloo just deflated to the floor,but it at least allowed me to see what effects I can get with lights in it,its gonna be spectacular with the polar bears,seals and penguins all lit up as well and I hope to get out again this week to try and do it all....







           GOING                                    GOING                                     GONE 


Frinton on sea 5th May


   I always like to go to Frinton on sea at the greensward,as long as the wind is blowing it don't matter from what direction its always a good fly and the people that are there are always so thankful and appriciated about the kite I (and Pete) fly,even the kids seem to be more well manned and behaved.Today was no exception it turned out to be a wonderful day with the sun shining all day and only a small laps of wind around dinner time  and a change of direction made it not the perfect fly day.

   It was a day where I packed the car to the roof with kites and intended to fly as many as possible which I did,the catterpillar was up first and soon kids were walking around inside,and a few adults tried it to but got a little 'sea sick or dizzy' its stange how it effects adults and not kids I have been in lots of times and I get the feeling as well.

  Anyway while I had a chance I got up the ice age theme polar bears,seals,killer whale and penguins and the main attraction the igloo,I have never had so many people go in and out the thing since Guy had made it,the public just can't work out how it stays inflated just by the wind and as always are amazed at the size inside,as each kid came out I gave them a free ice age 3 diamond mini kite that I got off e-bay a while ago,must have given out around 40 freebies today.Dave Holt is making me as we speak a new item for the ice age theme and thats a big old walrus so the next time its out a new friend will be joining the cold critters.


  I was busy for another hour putting up the komodo dragon,angry bird,cat,dog,tweety bird,gecko,blue meanie,ostrich and the red devil,even Pete did well this week with his line of yeap you guessed it 3 octopus and some sea horses,fish,killer whale and one or tow more items.I take the piss about his octopus and how its all he flys but the public today did love them and I coud hear nothing but good comments about them all day.


  Martin came along for a while for a sit down and cuppa to watch us fly and answer some kite questions from people,me I am always on my feet getting things up or getting the kids in and out the catterpillar many a time I go back to my chair and there is a cold cup of tea sitting there that I forgot about.

  But today was a great day with lovely comments from the public and many happy people out and about in the sunshine,but most of all its always better flying with Pete for the company and feel lucky to have someone so near home to me with the same hobby.










Martello tower beach April 28th

  Two sundays in a row and back on the beach,we are being spoiled by the weather gods.This week was a little stronger wind but about the same direction as last week,Pete was first to get his lifter up and a pleasent view for me and the public when he put on some bright banner flags.

  For me it was the day for testing out my delta parrot and to see if it would lift all three of Petes inflatable ones and to see what my parrot on bikes where like.This is a theme I want to do at the zoo event soon and am just waiting on the colour in motion parrot banners to finish it off.



















A few friends popped along today that I hadn't seen for ages John fron the EKG and my old work buddy Scott and his wife,Martin was there as well but he is our welcomed shadow now-a-days lol.


  Through out the day a selection of items were on show and some did very well all day,but the small parrots do have a problem with lifter higher then the line and turning over causing a massive tangle,so after Pete and me untangled the mess I said to Pete to put a little sand in the tails to weight them,this solved the problem and behaved for the rest of the day on the line.

  I thought I would get in a hour on the rev 1 but blow me by the time I had nearly set it it the wind changed direction sending the parrot display into the bear display,so I had to pack away the rev while Pete struggled with the mass tangle,I was soon over there helping to get it sorted but with the wind change we decided to leave the parrot theme down.

  My inflatable bear heads work a lot better this week with the stronger wind and a very pleasant girl asked to fly something so she had Wallace and Gromit plane but that got a bit to much pull after a while so I took down the small brown bear for her to fly,she was out there on the beach enjoying every minute while I was chatting with her granddad.

  Infact all the bears got into kids hands at the end of the day,being run around the beach by screaming kids shocked them a bit i think ... :)

  In all it was a good day but a pick up in the wind made it a earlier finish as we was all packed up by three and heading for home,hopeing to get one or two more flys on the beach before it get to busy so roll on next weekend and then I am on holiday as well for the week so lots of good weather means lots more flying days for me....  


Martello tower beach April 21st 


  Some say that 21 is a lucky number and today it was for me!This week at work was the time of year to make some bread and doughnuts for the Help for heroes stall in clacton town centre,I do this every year for them and decided to carry on with a kite display at the Martello tower on Sunday.

  The weather was great all day,but a drop in wind around twelve let me have the chance to show off with the rev 1,walking the kite to the laughter of the kids following people along the promanade and all sorts of other trick flying with it.

  But lets go back to the start of te day,I had prepared my banner with HELP FOR HEROES KITE DAY 2013 written on it and was on the beach at tem am setting it up in the sand,next was the fish windsocks display and a hook pole with a small bucket on it to collect some money in.

  Pete had joined me by now and was already getting his first lifter in the air and the first thing on it was his Gomberg shark which I havn't seen for ages,soon he had other items on the line and rested for a cuppa.

  I on the other hand was busy doing what I like best getting up as much as I can,up went a 81 lifter and on went the komodo dragon,below this on the sand the huge catterpillar,two of my bigger items that take up a good slice of the beach.






     Another lifter and the blue meanie was attached with the angry bird low to the gound under it,this is always good as the kid love the angry bird and play with it.Through out the day the crowds see my willie (don't be dirty you know it the boy kite thats called that) peace bear,elephant,panda and two small bears were all displayed,while Pete had his penguin,heart,nemo and he just couldn't do with out at least one of his octopus up,well I do call him octoman!!!

 I allowed any public inside the catterpillar for a walk round and photgraphers were seen with big ol camera getting some shots as well as all the public with their phone cameras,the public were very impressed with the kite display and lots come over for a chat or to say thankyou for the entertainment for their kids.


  I forgot to say that Martin joined us for the day,poor old sod still has a few illnesses that stops him from flying and in the afternoon he went and fell asleep in his car only to appear after we packed up...mmmm was you really asleep lol.

  Pete timed the take down of the kite display and it was just over an hour so for all that was up I thought that was good for two old blokes,the bucket at the end of the day looked good and when I got home and counted it I had raised £75.84 for the Heroes,not bad for just doing what I like to do on sundays.

  Today Pete and I decided it was the best fly of the year so far with good weather and crowds of public,plenty of kites to see and best of all I was just in a t-shirt for the first time,while sitting here written this I wonder if Pete is acheing as much as me today,walking around on sand all day does take its toll but well worth every minute.



Haven April 14th

    After last weeks birthday fly and all that went wrong for me I was looking forward to this sundays fly with the gang.I was going to make a cake for the birthday bash but didn't get it done so this week I brought a ready to decorate cake from work and did a little icing work to flash it up for us kiters.

   I had told Amanda I would bring the food theme she has been waiting to see for so long,the parrot delta was packed which I forgot last week,and the ice age theme.Everything was ready and double checked right down to the cameras new batteries and sd card,I was all ready by nine am but the weather was not,it was raining.

  The forecast said it would be sunny with winds of 20mph gusting to 28mph,I looked on the kite den site to see if any new messages had been left and then checked face book,Amanda had left a message asking if I was still going,which I said yes it should brighten up by midday.I also got a phone call from Martin asking the same and could he come and join us,any time is always the answer.

   It got to about ten and the weather was still bad but I left anyway and went to a few shops first to pass some time,soon I was at the Haven and I could see Colin's shelter was up and three revs flying in the air,it was still spitting with rain so I sat in the car with Martin for a while chatting about new led lights and new events coming up.

  After a while the rain stopped but the wind was forecasted about right and much too strong for the inflatables,so after a while I got the vented rev 1.5 out and joined the gang for some flying.After lots of cold damp flying and breaks for tea and cake, Amanda showing me her bus phone casing,it did brighten up for around a hour then clouds rolled back looking like more rain this is when Martin said that was it for him and headed home,I was in two minds to go or stay and I am so glad I chose to stay.



   Around two thirty the sun beamed through the clouds for the rest of the day and the wind dropped to a nice steady 12mph so I started to fly my stuff,first I tested out the delta parrot ready for the zoo event,and even though Pete was not there to hang his inflatable ones on the line I could tell it will be good for lifting them and was a lot more stable after fitting a new tail spar.

  With a little pressure from Daz for me to get more up I got the food theme out and up for Amanda to see,and she loved it.Next I wanted a photo of my kiting friends in my igloo and once it was up each of them crawled in and I got some great photos of them inside,most had not been in before and soon saw just how big and warm the inside is,I cant wait for a video of 40 kids coming out of it (a planned video for later).


   In all after a very dodgy start it turned out to be a great three hours fly in the afternoon and you missed it Martin lol.....  Daz helped take down the food theme and soon it was time for everyone to head off home.Next week Pete should be around and we will get back on the beach before it gets too busy.