My kites bags are full of amazing designs made by kite designers all over the world or made for me with idea's I have had that are unique to the kite den.



      Lets start of with my favourite theme ...the food theme... it was a long time back in the kiting years that I meet and heard of Air Attractions,a husband and wife team that could listen to an idea I had and make me the real thing to fly,I only had to say what I wanted and they would get their heads together and come up with the perfect idea in my head....It all started of with some chips to go with a nice Premier fish I had,but although the crinkle cut chips where perfect it just did not go with the fish and so more thoughts where needed... ' Fran' i need an egg for the chips,before long a sausage was ordered and some mushrooms and I am now making a half a tomatoe to add into the theme...Fran aslo made me a blob of tomatoe sauce but still to this day I have not worked out where and how to put it in the theme,but thats the best bit about kiting it try try try again untill it works....Here is my Food theme for you all to drool over..tasty,good looking wind art....that by the way was copied by the chinese as usual.

Above the food is 'Willy' a German cartoon popular with the kids over there.


 All together I had a dozen chips made,three mushrooms,a suasage and an egg.

I had the egg designed to have 'loops' fitted onto it to hold the first five chips this also would stable the flight of the egg when in the air.