Its been over a year while I made some life changes but now things have settled its back to my wonderful hobby of kiting,so now the year is 2016 and I have already somethings to write about,enjoy my stories and ideas and follow me in the world of kite flying.


    New year started with a new Rev1


So my kiting year started of in the moon and starfish and I bumped into an old flying friend,funny thing was we didn't remember each other for a while until the subject of kites came up.Terry was a flyer up the Haven and he was telling me how I got him into the hobby but he too has not flown for quite some time,I remember he had a rev 1 and asked if he wanted to sell it as mine was worn out (about the sixth one I flew to the death) we agreed to meet again next week in the pub and make the deal..

  The went ahead and I looked at his Rev1 other then a bit of mesh repair and a couple of old scars on the sail it was fine and we ageed on a price for kite and handles...£90 was crossed palms and I yet again had my favourite kite was ready to put through its paces,which has already had two outings at the tower beach.

    I also told Terry of my sky banner and he told me that he runs the Clacton beer festival and would put it to his committy of having it to advertise his event in August this year,which after an E-mail from Terry it looks like thats going to be a booking....The sky banner brings me onto my next adventure.

 Wedding banner

   A text from Adam Bolton asking if I could do him a banner for his best friends wedding,as it was local and was in two days time I was able to attend the event and do my best for him on the day.The venue was ideal as the hall was right next to a park and as luck would have it the wind was in the right direction for the day.He had come up with a few ideas what to have written but we both agreed with....


    With no car I had to get a taxi to the venue but Adam paid for that so that did put the price up a little but the banner was friends price so it was still a bargin for him..I arrived around 3.30 in the afternoon and checked out the park,as I said the wind was in the perfect direction for the banner if not a little light at times but I grass was very boggy and I ended covered in mud as did the kit with me.The light winds made launching hard and I had to have the lifter on full liine to get it up,with the light winds two lifters would be needed but once it was up it stayed up.

    Adam phoned me to say the church was running late and I just hoped the wind would stay till after five,soon the first cars started to pull in to the hall but the gate for the carpark was locked and a chap asked if I had a key,talking about the banner and that you couldn't miss the place with it up in the sky..soon the key holder arrived and the cars poured into the carpark,Adam came over squeezed some cash in my hand and said he was really happy with the banner and it was getting talked about all night,another hour past and most people were at the wedding  so I started to pack away,it turned out to be an easy fly with everything right so that made me happy to think that I can make others happy with what I do.


          Buy the way if you have an event and want the sky banner just contact me but Adam also has a side line and is the man to get at your event for any firework displays he is very good that.....



 A day at the Martello tower

      Nice sunny day and I'm down at the beach at Martello tower my favourite flying spot,the weather is still changable for April but today I had a lovely inshore wind at around 10-14mph,it did drop to zero for 30 minutes but the picked up again.Still having no car I have to pick and choose wisely what to take as I have to get there by taxi and can only carry so much,unlike the old days when I piled the car full of stuff.I decided to take my Indonesia kites with me made by Endang Layangan so in the case went my two lifters,lines,the komodo dragon,koi fish set and just as I had room I took the spider bol...and of coarse my rev 1 ..arrived around 10-30 and the beach was quite busy but still plenty of room for me to set up the two lifters from the signs on the riding a bike I forgot nothing about how to display the kites making it look easy as I filled the lines with my inflatable items.


    It brought back the old days but something was missing ..ohh yeah my kiting buddy Peter Smith but I hope from now we will get in loads of kiting together.As the day past folks came over to have photos with the kites and chat with me one lady from London on a day trip was talking for ages and was amazed at the kites..there was also a scooter rally just along the prom which brought people out to the beach...with the kites doing there thing in the sky I set up my rev1 to have some play time with it...on the tower,lamp posts,railings where ever it was hard to do I would try my luck ..LOVE THIS KITE.


    As it reached around 3ish there was a little chill in the air and a mist coming in of the sea so it was my day finished and I packed away to have a well earned drink at the toby pub....roll on the summer for shorts and t shirt for more great days of kiting...

Something from Newquay


Hi folks I have been away for a week down to Newquay Cornwall,made a nice break from work and out of Clacton,I took with me a 1.5 quad incase I had time for a fly.After a few trips out and about to Newquay zoo,Cornwall gold,Flambards and a few other places and I did get time to fly the quad on the cliff outside the hotel but that was short lived as I broke an endcap and the kite was retired back to my case ready to take home.There was one other kite related item I found and that was at Flambards in the war museum,its nice to find items related to kiters.The week went fast an fun had all the way,from fine dining,drinks and a nice hotel.


 Back with my flying buddy

After all this time out of kiting its now back into full swing but one thing was missing with me on the best flying buddy Pete Smith.I knew he had not been flying much while I was away so a phone call to see if he wanted a day on the beach flying with me was in order,I was eager to get down there but Pete had a couple of things to do before he could get down so I headed off to the tower to meet him later.

 The wind was blowing offshore the worst way for the tower but I put out a long line and got the lifter up,wind was quite light and very bumpy from over the houses making it a had days flying.I put on the superbear,kitten and owl which stayed up for some time while on the sand I placed out my parrot banners for some colour.The lifter was all over the place so I put it up higher on full line but with the wind being alful it came down in the sea giving me a little workout to pull the huge bag of water back out,soon it was back up and stayed there all morning.I got out another bear ,the panda and up he went with the other inflatables,this gave me time to get the catterpiller set up but the offshore wind was to bad low down and the huge catterpiller would not stay inflated so after a while it was packed back into its bag ready for another day.


     I see coming across the sand was the outline of Pete he did not look to happy seeing which way the wind was coming from and I knew he would not put much up because we both don't like it at the tower with an offshore wind,but it did give us the time to catch up and tell each other of the things we had been doing.He did however go and get his Bol and attempt to get that up and spinning but like the catterpiller it did not like the wind down on the beach.I told Pete that I had the sea & beach festival to do for the council here at the tower on the 24th / 25th June and I'm so looking forward to doing that you never know it might just kick of into becoming a new yearly kite festival that we can build up as we have lost so many places over the years.

 The time went past fast as we chatted and the wind had dropped to very light so I started to pack up and head off home,it was not a great fly but I still had a lot of public looking at the kites which is what its all about for me.Roll on June for the summer and the big fly hoping to get all the haven flyers down the beach that weekend to show the public what superb kites the quads are,but I am sure there will be some more flying before that so till the next flying outing keep looking in thekiteden for more pictures and stories....

The Haven



   For the first time in ages I went up to the haven after work,its a nice sunny day and a good wind for setting up something kitey,I took with me my ostriches and pole bag and also the faithful Rev 1....By the looks of the field it had had some work done to it,one side had been leveled and seeded and was just starting to grow which means for a while them pesky rabbit holes have gone...but I wasn't here to look at the grass so I started to set up the ostrich farm,its been some time since these have been out but it soon was easier after I got the first one and it was waving around in the wind.It wasn't long before I had all five up and wiggling around took some photos and enjoys seeing the birds again.

With it still being early I set up the Rev and had a good fly with it but being at the Haven there was not much to land on and have fun with so it was quite a short fly with it my first sun tan today so that was a bonus.